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We want to give back and keep our brothers and sisters in arms active. We are now able to do this through our amazing partnership with VOG Global.  We are giving away assault rucks to those veterans who need them. Please nominate a fellow veteran from the LA County area to see if they meet the standard.

Ruck Sack Program (giving back to those who have served)

***After submitting your request, please email a legible copy of the VETERANS DD214 to 
Email Subject should state "Ruck Sack Program" with nominee first and last name.
Please sensor social security number, address, and nearest relatives address, we do not need this.

Thank you for your nomination. We'll get back to you soon.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

ruck sack program ruck for veterans

RFV has made such a profound impact on my life that it is beyond words, it's an experience.

I'm grateful RFV has provided this outlet for veterans to connect with each other and our communities through physical fitness, and Virtus Outdoor Group for generously donating their Assault Rucks so that veterans like me can get active and improve ourselves in body and mind.

- Fernando Espinoza

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